Saturday, March 17, 2007

drool??maybe not...

Saw Hindi! Why? Because Delhi Times duped me into believing that Movie Time, Pitampura was screening the film in English (not only does this paper have no self respect but it is downright dishonest. will blog more on this subject soon) Anyway, I presented myself there at 10 AM sharp (early morning show saves money, you see) and since there was no other decent hall in the vicinity, I had no other alternative but to see it, as it was being offered. A few comments:
1) watching it in Hindi meant that I did not have hang on to each an every word that was being uttered by the characters in order to fully comprehend the plot. Therefore, I truly relaxed. And judging by the plot, I doubt there were any beautiful, memorable lines lost in translation.
2) The film’s plot -democratic, free, brave, fair, just Spartan army of 300 masculine soldiers vs. maniacal, irrational, corrupt, slavish Persians (also referred to as "Asians”) pretty offensive, huh? But the truth is that the plot is so simplistic that only an oversensitive, overeager first year Literature student would take it seriously.
3) The masculinity of the Spartans deserves a new blog entry. But since I am so hard pressed for time, I will try to squeeze it as my third point. Now, these 300 Spartans are the utmost male beauties-rippling muscles, six packs, the contorted posture, it is like witnessing a walking, talking Michelangelo sculpture. As opposed to these Adonises, the Persians/Asians are either effeminate (Xerxes) or hideous aberrations (several in the Persian army, most notably the big white demon shown in the trailers). The boundary between rhinos, elephants and browns is more or less blurred. But the curious thing was that despite this perfection; the Spartan bodies gradually started appearing as caricatures to me. Perhaps this was because of the video game uniformity of it all. For me, it soon became mighty repetitive watching them all jump, lunge, stretch, crouch throughout the movie and even Butler's perfectly rounded naked male callipygian was anything but arousing.

4) Repetition would be my fourth and last point. The movie has everything promised in the trailers- decapitated limbs, beheading, blood, and arrows. But once again it is a little too unreal (and it is, as all the wars are digitally manufactured) and the cycles of violence and gore become tedious and endless especially after the intermission.

Finally, from a layman’s point of view; the film has some interesting camera work and graphics. But it is wholly unoriginal, unvarying, superficial and ultimately would go down as yet another stale, staple, Hollywood “epics”.

Let us go then, you and I

Hello All,
Now I wonder who this "all " would be since right now this is a "private" blog which only its slightly unhinged and highly whiny author can view.Not for long,though.I am too vainly hopeful to conceal my anger, grudges and pearls of wisdom tik-e-taked by my fingers on this page, from the world.
So , here is a little introduction , my dear future readers; I am known as this that and the other , the real name is uninimportant.Currently rather jobless and listless hence the conception of this humble space. Let's see how long you and I and my love affair here lasts....

your most obedient,
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